The Sphinx and the Crocodile

A conversation in "The Viennese Rothschilds" exhibition
13. Januar 2022 | Hannah Landsmann

Out and about in "Our City!" - Leopoldstadt

With stitch and thread. A walk between yesterday and today
03. Januar 2022 | Hannah Landsmann

“Tomorrow becomes today and today becomes yesterday.”

On the 100th birthday of Helga and Ilse Aichinger
01. November 2021 | Sabine Apostolo

Olympics at the Jewish Museum Vienna

Only eight hits in the museum inventory? Is the Jewish Museum Vienna really that unathletic? By no means!
28. Juli 2021 | Hannah Landsmann

After the men’s European championship is before the women’s European championship - a look forward with a look back

While the eagerly awaited European Men’s Soccer Championship is being celebrated these days in a corona-compliant manner, the Austrian female footballers are preparing for their appearance at the UEFA Women’s EC in England next year.
06. Juli 2021 | Agnes Meisinger

Out and about in "Our City!" - Josefstadt

A municipal housing estate now stands at the site of the synagogue consecrated and opened in 1903 at Neudeggergasse 12 in Vienna’s eight district.
10. Juni 2021 | Hannah Landsmann

Dear Doctor...

Wishing living persons a happy birthday is common practice, but as an explorer of the soul, will it not seem particularly strange to you that one writes letters to the dead?
06. Mai 2021 | Hannah Landsmann

Out and about in "Our City!" - Währing

The incorporated suburbs of Währing, Weinhaus, Gersthof, Pötzleinsdorf, Neustift am Walde and Salmannsdorf have been part of the Währing district since 1892.
07. April 2021 | Hannah Landsmann

What you wouldn’t see otherwise or Tanuki writes a letter

Dear Mr. Ephrussi, Dear Viktor, you would never have thought that a netsuke, a Japanese something to fasten the sagemono to the kimono belt, would ever write to you, would you?...
13. Mai 2020 | Hannah Landsmann

Hedy Mandl at the Opera Ball

04. Mai 2020 | Andrea Winklbauer