There are valuable 17th century marriage certificates and the 1941 diary of a young, Viennese Jewish boy in the archive. The drawings, photos, documents and hand-written notes are fragmentary snapshots of Jewish life. Numerous new exhibits present different angles. While the existing exhibits are organized into categories such as Jewish religion and history, synagogue construction and profane architecture, Zionism and Palestine, etc. the new objects open up totally different perspectives. 

Of great importance are the “Vienna Biographies”. Here, visitors will find the personal stories of the victims and survivors of the Shoah, placed against their historical backdrop and represented by the touching stories of those directly affected. The biographies have either been donated to the museum on permanent loan by those affected themselves or often by their descendents or others close to them.

The archive is open to scientific researchers, as well as private individuals.


Dr. Daniela Schmid
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