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Rothschild family members visit the Jewish Museum Vienna

On May 19, 2022, descendants of the Viennese branch of the Rothschilds visited the exhibition The Vienna Rothschilds. A Thriller, which runs at the Dorotheergasse Museum until June 5.
20. Mai 2022 | Jewish Museum Vienna
Vienna and the world

About near and far

With some knowledge of history, the fact that “Ukraine” appears seventy-four times in the inventory of the Jewish Museum Vienna may not come as a surprise.
22. April 2022 | Hannah Landsmann
Vienna and the world

“Before I learn another profession, I’d rather learn Hebrew!”

Stella Kadmon in Tel Aviv.
09. August 2021 | Sabine Apostolo
Vienna and the world

Three with a Pen on a Journey

From March 11, the exhibition "Three with a Pen" can be visited in the Austrian Cultural Forum New York. In this blog curator Sabine Bergler talks about the three protagonists and travelling...
02. März 2021 | Sabine Apostolo
Vienna and the world

Cycling in Shanghai

Because of the museum´s closure the rickshaw and Victoria Blitz are a little bit bored. Hence they are talking about the exhibition "Little Vienna" once again...
04. Februar 2021 | Hannah Landsmann
Vienna and the world

Between Vienna and Shanghai

This blog leads Hannah Landsmann to the Shanghai exhibition, where she introduces the Grauaug family...
20. Januar 2021 | Hannah Landsmann