Director´s Greeting

Welcome ladies and gentlemen,

as the director of the Jewish Museum Vienna I‘d like to welcome you on behalf of my team, and thank you for visiting our homepage.

Vienna’s history is inextricably linked with the Jews who have lived here since the 10th century. Few other cities in Europe are as closely associated with Jewish history and people as the Austrian capital. Many of those who wrote history were expelled or perished in the Shoah: from Sigmund Freud to the small Jewish merchant of the Leopoldstadt district, they were among the thousands of people that Vienna lost after 1938, people who had all contributed in one way or the other to the blossoming of this city. 

After 1945, the community was formed again anew, largely made up of Holocaust survivors,  and today Vienna is again home to a vibrant Jewish presence , a small but extremely diverse community.  Our museum is at the heart of this community, as a guardian of its history and also record keeper of its daily life.  In our two museum locations, the Palais Eskeles , which bears the name of the founder of the Austrian National Bank, Bernhard Eskeles, and in our museum on the Judenplatz, you will get a unique overview of the history of the Viennese Jewish community.

The Judenplatz location focuses on the period from the the Middle Ages to 1938, while our exhibition in Palais Eskeles, "Our city ! Jewish Vienna today", offers insights into the past and also the present of the Viennese Jews, beginning with the fresh start of the community after 1945. In addition to the permanent exhibitions on both locations, you can also experience an exciting program of temporary exhibitions and regular events that range from literary evenings to musical performances as well as gatherings to explain and celebrate important dates on the Jewish religious calendar. Through all of it, our aim remains to take our visitors on a fascinating journey into Austrian Jewish culture and history, both its sombre and fun moments, its times of trial and of greatness.

My team and I look forward to seeing you here - in the meantime enjoy browsing our homepage.